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Dear Guests!

Lake Baikal is magnificent all year round! 

…  Anastasia Hotel is located at the outflow of the Angara River!

We wonder whether you know or not that:

The outflow of the Angara River is the largest and widest in the world. Its width is 863 meters, max. depth - 4 - 6 meters, current -  5 - 8 km/hour. 

Shaman Rock is located in the middle of the outflow. According to a legend, Baikal threw this rock in pursuit of his only daughter, Angara, who had run away to her beloved Enissey River. 

In ancient times local people believed that Shaman Rock was the home of the Angara Spirit, Ama Sagaan Noyon. It was the place of worship and special shaman ceremonies.


Welcome to Lake Baikal to enjoy its beauty, to breath its fresh air and to stay away from urban life!!!

Yours faithfully,

Ekaterina Kartavykh

Hotel Director