The Finnish sauna

Cozy Finnish sauna with a swimming pool. The walls and ceiling of the steam room are made of cedar and linden, the floors are of larch. Furniture in the sauna - from rattan. Sauna is located in an additional building.

Cost: 2000 rubles per hour (up to 6 people, more than 6 people extra charge for each is 200 rubles per hour)

Russian bath

At the hotel there is a unique Russian bath, stylized as an ancient frigate of Peter the Great time. Bath is located at the very edge of the water. There is an opportunity to swim in Baikal.

Cost: 3000 rubles per hour (up to 6 people, more than 6 people extra charge for each is 300 rubles per hour)

Bath services are available upon prior reservation.
The cost of 1 car park - 1500 rubles

Russian billiards

Russian billiards. 12 foot table.

Cost: 500 rub/hour

The barbecue area

Cozy summer tavern on the shore of the lake. The possibility of holding small events. Capacity - 30 persons.

The cost of renting from June to September: 1200 rubles per hour (coal is provided for an additional fee). When ordering restaurant services above 10,000 rubles (barbecue, dishes from the main menu), there is no rental of the site and the tavern.

The Embankment

On the protected area of ​​the hotel there is a small park, a submarine layout, a berth for ships, an equipped embankment, from where a beautiful view of the Angara River and Lake Baikal opens. The embankment of the complex provides an excellent opportunity for wedding ceremonies.

Cost: organization of wedding events (registration) on the waterfront from June to September - 30 000 rubles the price includes the provision of the waterfront, stands, chairs for guests); ship mooring - 500 rubles (for guests staying free of charge); ship parking - 1000 rubles / day (for guests staying free of charge)

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